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Tips for Seasonal Beginner Offers – Tennis Marketing

In most tennis clubs the student base shifts with seasons. People come and go - whether it is due to work schedule changes, school conflicts or going out of town for vacation. Few weeks prior to the start of a new season is a great time to introduce some new class offers and get those student excited to come back on the tennis court.

New season is also a great time to welcome some new faces into your club. Naturally, starting anything new can be intimidating, so we offer some tips on how to structure some appropriate beginner offers that make new students feel welcome and excited for their new hobby!

1. Offer short clinic cycles

Try offering 4 or 5 week class sessions for beginners. That will give them a chance to get familiar with your tennis club, tennis teachers and their fellow students. After that, they can explore the regular class schedule at your tennis facility. Also, a special introductory rate can make the class offer more appealing.

2. Start promoting early

Leave yourself at least six to eight weeks before the start of the clinic to advertise and promote. You can offer early bird discounts to encourage students to sign up early. Make sure you promote your event on several different channels - website, social media, email, as well as word of mouth.

3. Get help from your fellow teachers and current students

Ask your co-workers to spread the news, whether it is through email, social media or simply by word of mouth. Then do the same for them. You can also ask your current students to share your new class announcement with their friends and family. Reward them by either giving them a special referral discount or, if that is not an option, by doing something for them in return (a little extra attention before or after class, 15 min free lesson on serve, etc.).

Remember, not all students want the same kind of class - some may love receiving a lot of details on technique and interested in competing, while others simply want to get a good exercise by running around the court. Always encourage feedback, so you know what to offer during your next promotion.

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