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Your current and potential customers spend a lot of time on the Internet. If your tennis club does not have an online presence, you are missing a great opportunity!

Companies must be active on social media to keep the community talking about their brand and buying their products or services. Being on social media allows you to create a lasting impression on your current and future customers and engage them into a conversation.

Active people love the inside scoop of their favorite tennis players, competitions and latest trends and news.

Most businesses have realized that social media can be a powerful tool for driving sales. However, many of them do not have the time to be consistent and leverage social media in a way that produces good results.

What is the goal of Social Media Marketing?

Engage your followers

Give them fun, educational and engaging content

Integrate social media with the rest of your marketing efforts

How Resourcely can help your business with Social Media?

reports imageBeing on social media, however, requires time and commitment. Providing a great and quality content regularly, answering your fans’ questions and participating in discussions must be part of your every day schedule.

Here is how our social media marketing works:

  • Strategy and Planning - you won’t see results with your social media campaign until you have a plan in place. We start with a free initial consultation in which we learn more about your business, its goals and challenges. Next, we do a thorough research and identify your marketing personas, perform a competitor analysis, evaluate your current social media engagement and then determine opportunities and craft a strategy.

  • Social Media Setup - Well designed and optimized social media profiles that are consistent with your company’s brand are crucial in order to execute the defined strategy. We create your social media profiles or optimize your existing ones. We will also create additional pages to highlight a particular brand or services.

  • Updates and Interactions - as all marketing efforts, social mediahootsuite reports image also requires regular interaction with followers in order to increase online presence and engage more people. We do that by writing and publishing updates for you and interaction and answering your customers’ questions. We also identify which groups your business should participate in, create groups from scratch and post messages and discussion topics. The frequency and the type of the updates and interactions will be defined in the initial stages of our strategy discussions.

  • Analysis - we integrate Google Analytics (or use your Hubspot Analytics) in order to provide you with deeper insight into your social media visitors behavior. We also provide detailed reports that goes over what worked and what didn’t as well as the changes we need to make for the next campaign.

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