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Why Your Tennis Business Website Needs an FAQs Page and How to Make One in WordPress

Build an FAQs page for tennis business website

User experience plays a vital role in attracting and retaining visitors to your tennis website. One effective way to enhance user experience is by adding a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the reasons why having an FAQs page is crucial for your tennis website and guide you through the process of creating one in less than five minutes using the Beaver Builder plugin for WordPress. Why You Need…

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How to Install Beaver Builder Plugin and Start Building a Tennis Website in Minutes

tennis website and how to download beaver builder from accounts page

If you are a tennis professional, you need a business website. In this blog post we will show you how to install the Beaver Builder plugin, which will enable you to build your tennis website fast. No coding experience required. Building a website takes time and frequently requires a reasonable amount of coding that many people do not want to do. Thankfully, with plugins like Beaver Builder you would not have to do any of…

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Build a Tennis Product Landing Page Under 5 Minutes With Beaver Builder

tennis product

For many years, building a website by yourself was impossible for a lot of people. A great amount of technical knowledge, time, and effort was required to build a business website, so it only made sense to hire a website developer. This is no longer the case. In this blog post, we will show the tools you need to construct and publish a simple tennis product webpage in under five minutes by using the Beaver…

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Spring Season! It is Time to Conquer These Tennis Website Updates

tennis summer camp to do list

Here in New York, it is about time to start preparing the tennis courts to open up for the outdoor season. While the jackets are coming off, new coats of paint go down on the hard courts, businesses should not forget that their tennis website updates are needed too. Since the summer season is quickly approaching, it is time to prepare all your tennis camp marketing efforts. In this blog post we will provide a to-do…

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Should I Hire Someone to Design My Tennis Club Website? Tip for Tennis Coaches

web design tennis club tennis business

It is essential for any business to have a website. While you can outsource your tennis club website creation to an agency or freelancer, frequently it is also possible to handle this job yourself. There are many web design platforms available that allow you to design your own website. All of those platforms claim that all you need is creativity. But is it really that simple? Below are some of the pros and cons of…

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6 Steps to Building a Basic Tennis Goods eCommerce Website

ecommerce 1574624778

Just like in the case of a physical store, a web store requires the same strategic thinking, planning and building in order for it to run successfully. The great news about owning an online store for your tennis goods is that it costs significantly less to start and run than a physical store (no rent, furniture, utilities, permits or cleaning needed). Additionally, it is convenient for you, the seller (since it can be managed remotely,…

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Web Design 101: Understanding Website Terminology

website design for tennis businesses 1

Website terminology can often feel like a foreign language. If you plan on launching a website for your new business, it is important to know few terms you will frequently hear during your conversation with your web designer. Once you grasp these important definitions, you can communicate more effectively with your web designers and developers, which can lead to cost savings as well as more informed decisions. 1. Domain name A domain name is basically…

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Two Things You Need on Your Website for More Traffic | Tennis Marketing

three thing you need on your website

We frequently visit various tennis websites to familiarize ourselves with our target audience. While doing so we always encounter the “standard” menu tabs and pages such as “About Us” or “Tennis Programs”. While it is important to show off your staff, facilities and to present information on the services you offer (e.g. tennis programs or classes), it is also important that your website is able to acquire new visitors (be searchable) that may eventually turn…

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Can Your Tennis Customers Find You Online?

desktop mobile friendly website tennis website

A strong web presence is key to the success of any modern business, including tennis clubs and organizations, as well as providers of tennis products and services. In fact, it is quite surprising when a business does not have a website these days. Most of the time we hear the following reasons for not having a website: The business is too small and the owner cannot find the time to make one. Business owners do not understand how…

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Understanding the Importance of Web Analytics for Your Website

Resourcely Marketing importance of analytics

Have you ever wondered how many people actually read that blog you spent hours and hours writing? Do you want to know how people get to your website, how long do they spend on each page, or why they left your blog? Web analytics is how you do it! The performance of a website must be measured no matter the industry or market. Understanding what your audience is looking for and then designing your content…

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