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How to Sell More Tennis Lessons During the Holiday Season

holiday sale at your tennis club

The holiday season is an important time for both small and large businesses. What that means for your tennis business is (hopefully) an increase in your revenues. Let’s see how we can help you sell more tennis lessons during this holiday season with a few marketing tips from our team.  Important dates to consider in your holiday planning Halloween Thanksgiving Black Friday Cyber Monday Christmas/Hanukkah  New Year’s  Holiday marketing channels to try: Social media Search…

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Should I Hire Someone to Design My Tennis Club Website? Tip for Tennis Coaches

web design tennis club tennis business

It is essential for any business to have a website. While you can outsource your tennis club website creation to an agency or freelancer, frequently it is also possible to handle this job yourself. There are many web design platforms available that allow you to design your own website. All of those platforms claim that all you need is creativity. But is it really that simple? Below are some of the pros and cons of…

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How to Increase Tennis Gift Card Sales at Your Club

tennis gift certificate

The gift-giving season is not over, so there is still an opportunity for tennis club managers and marketers to increase their tennis gift card sales. While tennis gift certificates can be sold year-round, you will normally see that those sales increase during the holidays and gift-giving season. While sweaters, shirts, and perfumes could make great presents, an activity gift, such as a tennis lesson voucher, could be a much more enjoyable way of celebrating someone.…

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6 Steps to Building a Basic Tennis Goods eCommerce Website

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Just like in the case of a physical store, a web store requires the same strategic thinking, planning and building in order for it to run successfully. The great news about owning an online store for your tennis goods is that it costs significantly less to start and run than a physical store (no rent, furniture, utilities, permits or cleaning needed). Additionally, it is convenient for you, the seller (since it can be managed remotely,…

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How to Build Your Side Business While Working a 9 to 5 Job

work from home

Do you have a full-time job while trying to start or manage a side business? The number of young entrepreneurs starting their own business has been rapidly increasing. And why wouldn’t they? The risk of starting a side business is often minimal – you commit some of your free time, while having your daytime job to fall back on if things do not work out. There is, however, a significant lack of time when it…

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Are You Selling Tennis Products? You Might Need an eCommerce Website

selling tennis products and services online

Business rates, tax, rent, staff salaries and utility bills … the overhead associated with running a physical store can be a tough challenge for business owners, especially for those that are in the startup stage. Therefore, having an online store (e-commerce website) is extremely important in order to reach more customers in an affordable and scalable way. E-commerce is a very common term that is used for any kind of commercial transaction that happens on the internet. It could be a transaction that…

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