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Why Using Caution With Your Tennis Content is Key | 5 Tips for Navigating the Hashtag Maze on Instagram

Tennis Content and Navigating the Hashtag Maze on Instagram

In the vast and vibrant landscape of Instagram, hashtags play an important role in the discovery and visibility of your tennis content. However, this powerful tool comes with its own set of nuances, and it is crucial to tread carefully when it comes to something as small as hashtags. Here are a few reasons why! 1. Quality Over Quantity While it might be tempting to flood your Instagram caption with a myriad of hashtags, quality…

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16 Marketing Tips to Gain New Tennis Club Members

how to get more tennis club members, increase membership

As we already discussed in our last blog post, marketing to potential new tennis club members should be different from marketing to existing members.  The following suggestions will help you put together a membership marketing strategy for your tennis club or tennis organization and give you some tips on how to make it more successful.   Figure out this before you launch any membership marketing campaign Know your audience! Your audience is your target marketing persona…

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How to Sell More Tennis Lessons During the Holiday Season

holiday sale at your tennis club

The holiday season is an important time for both small and large businesses. What that means for your tennis business is (hopefully) an increase in your revenues. Let’s see how we can help you sell more tennis lessons during this holiday season with a few marketing tips from our team.  Important dates to consider in your holiday planning Halloween Thanksgiving Black Friday Cyber Monday Christmas/Hanukkah  New Year’s  Holiday marketing channels to try: Social media Search…

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What Does the 80/20 Rule Mean for Your Tennis Business Marketing

80/20 rule

In content marketing or social media marketing, we often hear about the 80/20 rule (not to be confused with Pareto’s Principle rule of customer relationship management). The logic behind this 80/20 content rule says that only 20% of your content should be promotional and talk directly about your tennis business products and services. The other 80% should be non-promotional content that is relevant to your product and services, the type that your audience will enjoy. …

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5 Ways to Promote Your Tennis Business for Free

promote tennis business

You just launched your new tennis business. That’s great, congratulations! To be a successful facility manager, you must find ways to gain visibility and promote your business. So, this means that the work associated with marketing your tennis business has just begun. Many tennis professionals and business owners do not have a big marketing budget, so it is important to get creative. That does not mean it is a lost cause. We have put together…

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6 Tips for an Effective Tennis Club Marketing on Social Media

social media for tennis club

It is a no-brainer that investing in social media marketing can help your tennis club to secure more clients, increase your sales, and help with brand awareness. However, many businesses are not sure whether it is needed or what the right channel for their tennis club marketing is. It is true that if, for example,  you are targeting an older demographic of the market, posting on social media channels such as Instagram might be a…

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Grow Your Tennis Club Profits With Video Marketing

video marketing resourcely tennis club marketing

The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly changed how we socialize, entertain, and live our lives. It has also affected how we execute our marketing strategies. It has forced us to think outside of the box and learn new skills (including new video marketing skills). One of the leading ways many businesses market their products in this Covid-19 environment is by using their video channels (e.g. YouTube) and by doing live events, such as webinars and webcasts.…

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Don’t Care About Instagram? You Should!

instagram 1571592465

Is your tennis club or tennis business on Instagram? If the answer is “No”, you may want to re-evaluate this again! If you operate a business where visuals play a huge role (such as in the case of tennis products and services), you might be missing out on a large audience if you are not on Instagram. According to Instagram’s internal data from June 2018, more than 1 billion Instagram accounts worldwide are active every…

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Who Should be The Person in Charge for Your Social Media

social media marketing tennis clubs

Hiring new or dedicating an existing employee to manage your social media was almost unheard of a decade ago. In the present day, however, businesses spend many hours per day on social media management and have dedicated budget for it. This is in order to ensure they send a clear and consistent message about their own brand to the existing and potential customers who visit their social media pages. Does social media REALLY deserve to have…

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How to Turn Twitter Into a New Tennis Club Asset

twitter 2048133 640

Celebrities, businesses, tennis professionals, and tennis fans are all active on Twitter these days. Many of them check their Twitter account first thing in the morning to get the latest news and updates. It is the one social media platform that allows you to receive up-to-date information from around the world instantly. So how do you turn twitter into a tennis club asset? Of course, anyone can tweet, but it takes skill and practice to…

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