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Tennis Product Affiliate Marketing and How to Create Passive Income

tennis product affiliate marketing

With any business, it takes effort and skill to implement a program. The same applies to tennis product affiliate marketing. If you are new to affiliate marketing, grab a cup of coffee and read this blog post.  What is affiliate marketing?  Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing where a business will reward their affiliates for each customer they bring from their marketing efforts. In other words, you earn a commission by recommending products…

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What Does the 80/20 Rule Mean for Your Tennis Business Marketing

80/20 rule

In content marketing or social media marketing, we often hear about the 80/20 rule (not to be confused with Pareto’s Principle rule of customer relationship management). The logic behind this 80/20 content rule says that only 20% of your content should be promotional and talk directly about your tennis business products and services. The other 80% should be non-promotional content that is relevant to your product and services, the type that your audience will enjoy. …

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5 Ways to Promote Your Tennis Business for Free

promote tennis business

You just launched your new tennis business. That’s great, congratulations! To be a successful facility manager, you must find ways to gain visibility and promote your business. So, this means that the work associated with marketing your tennis business has just begun. Many tennis professionals and business owners do not have a big marketing budget, so it is important to get creative. That does not mean it is a lost cause. We have put together…

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3 Things to Always Include in Your Tennis Blog Content

how to write a tennis blog

What do you do when you get ready for a tennis match? You check if you have all your tennis gear in place before stepping on the court. The same principle applies when you write a blog post. You go over a checklist and make sure it has all the essentials in place. If you are blogging for the purpose of promoting a business or as a mean to create an extra income, the following…

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Is Your Tennis Club Making These 5 Blogging Mistakes?

blogging tennis blog

Having a business blog can certainly help your tennis club or tennis business build some web presence and gain more website traffic. In this blog article, we will go over some of the common blogging mistakes and show you how blog content can become an essential aspect of a successful marketing strategy. Lack of traffic is one of the most common reasons why many tennis clubs approach our marketing agency for help. So below are…

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5 Fun Winter Holiday Blog Ideas for Tennis Clubs

tennis club christmas

Are you looking to do more promotion for your tennis club but do not have a budget for marketing? In one of our recent articles, we discussed how to use blogging as an essential aspect of your tennis club’s successful marketing strategy. In this blog post, we will give you four holiday blog ideas to boost your tennis club marketing. 1. Highlight holiday product or service If your tennis club uses blogging as a marketing…

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What is Content Marketing (and Why You Should be Doing it)?

content marketing 4111003 640

We have already arrived at the conclusion that traditional marketing (such as cold calls, print ads and direct mail) has become less and less effective over the years. That is because customers do not shop the same way as 10 years ago, and therefore, marketing has evolved towards more inbound approach. So what is content marketing and should it be on your radar? “Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant…

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Two Things You Need on Your Website for More Traffic | Tennis Marketing

three thing you need on your website

We frequently visit various tennis websites to familiarize ourselves with our target audience. While doing so we always encounter the “standard” menu tabs and pages such as “About Us” or “Tennis Programs”. While it is important to show off your staff, facilities and to present information on the services you offer (e.g. tennis programs or classes), it is also important that your website is able to acquire new visitors (be searchable) that may eventually turn…

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Here is Why Your Dance Studio Needs a Blog!

ballet 1030921 640

Those of you familiar with the dance studio business know that the job is quite challenging and time consuming. Your top teacher quits! Rent goes up to the sky! Unable to fill a class. A competitor studio opens next door! What most people don’t realize is that if you are a dance studio manager or owner you are also a marketer. And you will never get done with marketing your dance studio. In order to stay…

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Blogging as a Website Traffic Booster

blogging 428955 1280

Lack of traffic coming to your website is one of the most common challenges we hear about from the business owners that approach us. Most of them are usually looking for a website traffic booster – a way to increase their visits, and convert visitors into leads, which can then be nurtured, and eventually, converted into customers. This blog article will try to give tennis business owners and marketers a quick overview of how to…

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