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Two Things You Need on Your Website for More Traffic | Tennis Marketing

We frequently visit various tennis websites to familiarize ourselves with our target audience. While doing so we always encounter the "standard" menu tabs and pages such as "About Us" or "Tennis Programs". While it is important to show off your staff, facilities and to present information on the services you offer (e.g. tennis programs or classes), it is also important that your website is able to acquire new visitors (be searchable) that may eventually turn into leads and clients.
So, if getting as many new visitors as possible is your website goal, then one of the best way of doing that is to post regular, high-quality content. Here is a short list of marketers' favorite website pages, which are great for SEO (search engine optimization) and great for increasing traffic to your website!

1. Blog.

Blogs are such a valuable tool - they not only help with increasing your website traffic, but also demonstrate your thought leadership and authority in your industry, help you build trust in customers, and keep your visitors and leads engaged with your brand.
That said, let's clarify one thing. When we talk about blogging, consistency is crucial - you must be able to keep posting blogs on a schedule. It could be once a week, every two weeks, or once a month, but you must be able to maintain that consistency. If you cannot do this, do not have a blog. Why? Because visitors will judge you on that - if your last blog is from 2 years ago, they will think you are not committed to your brand and business.
Your blog posts do not have to be long. You can always write short (300 - 500 words) announcement blogs or FAQs style blogs for times when you run out of topic ideas - for example, new tennis program coming soon or FAQs about your new tennis camp.
You can also use the concept of using numbers to come up with blog ideas. For example, "Three footwork exercises for great return of serve" or "Five tips for a better serve". Alternatively, you can browse one of your competitors' blogs for some ideas or ask one of your tennis coaches to contribute.
Lastly, you can hire a contractor or company who can write a unique blog content for you. Just be sure they are knowledgable on the tennis industry, otherwise you are just stuffing your blog with low quality articles that your website visitors leave almost immediately after landing on the page (high bounce rate).

2. Videos.

Video content is still way underutilized by tennis clubs. While many tennis clubs create videos for their website, most do not seem to place any priority on it. However, if used correctly, videos can be a very powerful marketing content that could drive consistent traffic to your website.
The idea behind videos page is to post regular videos that offer tennis tips or tips relevant to your industry. Begin by finding a tennis professional that is well-spoken, knowledgable and energetic on camera. Use a tennis student or another professional to act as a client/student and film several short (1 - 2 min) videos in one go. Upload them regularly on your Videos page, and of course, share them on social media.
Videos do not have to be a "big production" to be great, they do not necessarily have to be funny either. They just need to be aligned with your strategy and be what people would like to see (e.g. something educational, like "One minute tip for a great drop shot").
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