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How to Sell More Tennis Lessons During the Holiday Season

holiday sale at your tennis club

The holiday season is an important time for both small and large businesses. What that means for your tennis business is (hopefully) an increase in your revenues. Let’s see how we can help you sell more tennis lessons during this holiday season with a few marketing tips from our team.  Important dates to consider in your holiday planning Halloween Thanksgiving Black Friday Cyber Monday Christmas/Hanukkah  New Year’s  Holiday marketing channels to try: Social media Search…

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5 Ways to Promote Your Tennis Business for Free

promote tennis business

You just launched your new tennis business. That’s great, congratulations! To be a successful facility manager, you must find ways to gain visibility and promote your business. So, this means that the work associated with marketing your tennis business has just begun. Many tennis professionals and business owners do not have a big marketing budget, so it is important to get creative. That does not mean it is a lost cause. We have put together…

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Tennis Promotional Events: Organizing Your Open House Leads

tennis open house

Holding an open house is not only a great way to get members together but also to attract additional guests who may eventually become members and join one of your tennis programs. It is also a great and effective way to publicize your new tennis club or tennis program by inviting community members, influencers and partners into your place of business. If you are doing sign ups prior the event, you have likely collected a…

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What Exactly is a Marketing Email?

marketing email

You have probably heard of email marketing repeatedly all over internet, social networks, TV and print media. Email is an extremely valuable tool in your marketing strategy. It is an easy way of communicating with current and potential customers and targeting specific demographics. It is also cost-effective and environmentally friendly. However, many companies exploit this marketing channel and they turn into what we call spammers – people that send promotional (marketing) emails to any email address they get their…

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Designing Your Customer Experience: What Happens After Class Registration?

tennis club

Congratulations! You got a bunch of people signed up for your tennis program. Now what do you do next? You can either 1). Have them go through the regular tennis club experience, or 2). Blow their mind off with how you pay attention to the smallest details and make playing tennis at your club the most fun new experience for them! Which of these two options do you think would earn you repeat lessons and committed tennis players? In today’s technologically advanced…

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Email Marketing for Tennis Clubs

hard court mail

Winter season is almost over. While the warmer weather is coming up and club members are getting ready to enjoy outdoor play on the tennis court or in the swimming pool, club managers have plenty of work to do before that. Many of you, club owners and managers, are already starting to organize special events such as banquet and charity dinners, socials and tournaments for their members in order to keep them happy and engaged. However,…

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