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Email Marketing for Tennis Clubs

email-marketing-for-tennis-clubs-and-dance-studiosWinter season is almost over. While the warmer weather is coming up and club members are getting ready to enjoy outdoor play on the tennis court or in the swimming pool, club managers have plenty of work to do before that. Many of you, club owners and managers, are already starting to organize special events such as banquet and charity dinners, socials and tournaments for their members in order to keep them happy and engaged.

However, what do you do to attract new members?

One way could be to engage the leads through email marketing. Email marketing presents a huge benefit over other traditional forms of marketing. In this blog we'll present some of those benefits.

1. Reduced time and effort.

Take a moment here to think about the time and effort involved with structuring a traditional form of marketing such as postal mailing. You'd need to hire a designer, have them create graphics for the mailing, have those printed, cut, stuffed into envelopes and mailed. Then the postal service will take few days to deliver. If all those efforts were successful, the received would retrieve it from the mail box open it and read it (hopefully). With email marketing, you can achieve all this and reach your potential customers (tennis club members) in only couple of hours.

2. You can send personalized messages to your tennis club customers.

Print, television, radio ads and telesales campaigns are mostly done in "one-size-fits-all" format. However, email marketing can pass the message to your consumers in a personalized way by segmenting your customers into smaller lists. For example, you can select all your users interested in tennis lessons in one list, swimming lessons in a separate list and be able to send them only the information they are interested in.

3. Email marketing for tennis clubs can build a buzz with social media.

With today's email marketing platforms your emails can be easily shared on the different social media channels. This is very important benefit because an increased number of people you don't have emails for can get their hands on your emails.

4. Email marketing is very affordable.

Many tennis clubs are looking for ways to cut costs. Email marketing is a inexpensive because you would only need an email platform subscription (Constant contact, Vertical response, Pinpointe, or MailChimp, for example), a knowledgeable staff member and couple of hours spent on the computer.

4. Ability to track user engagement.

Email marketing is one of the best and easiest channels, from which you can draw precise and usable tracking information. Through email marketing you can find out how many people opened your email, how many clicked a link you sent them or how many unsubscribed. Combine that with your ability to understand those metrics and use them to track sales and improve your campaign - email marketing is a clear win.

5. Did we mention you are also doing your share of saving the planet?

It seems like a minor part of the picture, however, all tennis clubs are trying to be more environmentally friendly lately - from tennis balls recycling programs to switching to solar energy. By switching to email marketing you would save all the paper used for print materials (which may never get opened) and print ads (anyone buys printed newspapers still?), and therefore, you would be reducing the number of trees killed.

Those are only few of the many benefits of email marketing for your tennis business!

You can see how a well planned effective email marketing campaign can help you sell more of your products and services and increase your visibility and engagement with your current and potential customers. Keep in mind that setting objectives, providing a well-written message and avoiding spamming are extremely important aspects of email marketing. We'll discuss those in some of our next blog posts.

While we believe anyone who can write can also produce high-quality emails campaigns, let's remember that a thorough research must take place before you are able to produce good results. As an alternative, you can hire a professional to do that for you. Most experienced marketers have the tools and knowledge to organize and execute your email campaigns. However, it is best to choose one that is also an expert in your industry, who can develop a custom to your business strategy email and personalize the messages quickly and in a way that appeals to your target audience.

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