Spring Season! It is Time to Conquer These Tennis Website Updates

tennis summer camp to do list

Here in New York, it is about time to start preparing the tennis courts to open up for the outdoor season. While the jackets are coming off, new coats of paint go down on the hard courts, businesses should not forget that their tennis website updates are needed too. Since the summer season is quickly approaching, it is time to prepare all your tennis camp marketing efforts. In this blog post we will provide a to-do…

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16 Marketing Tips to Gain New Tennis Club Members

how to get more tennis club members, increase membership

As we already discussed in our last blog post, marketing to potential new tennis club members should be different from marketing to existing members.  The following suggestions will help you put together a membership marketing strategy for your tennis club or tennis organization and give you some tips on how to make it more successful.   Figure out this before you launch any membership marketing campaign Know your audience! Your audience is your target marketing persona…

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3 Ways to Promote Your Tennis Programs to Existing Club Members

promote a tennis program

In today’s blog post we will talk about a few ways to promote a tennis program to one specific marketing group – your existing clients. Customer acquisition is more expensive than retaining existing tennis customers. According to data from Forrest Research, it is actually 5 times more expensive than keeping the current customers as clients!  Engaging with existing tennis customers is not only cheaper, but it is also easier to promote to them – they…

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What Does the 80/20 Rule Mean for Your Tennis Business Marketing

80/20 rule

In content marketing or social media marketing, we often hear about the 80/20 rule (not to be confused with Pareto’s Principle rule of customer relationship management). The logic behind this 80/20 content rule says that only 20% of your content should be promotional and talk directly about your tennis business products and services. The other 80% should be non-promotional content that is relevant to your product and services, the type that your audience will enjoy. …

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6 Tips for an Effective Tennis Club Marketing on Social Media

social media for tennis club

It is a no-brainer that investing in social media marketing can help your tennis club to secure more clients, increase your sales, and help with brand awareness. However, many businesses are not sure whether it is needed or what the right channel for their tennis club marketing is. It is true that if, for example,  you are targeting an older demographic of the market, posting on social media channels such as Instagram might be a…

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Tennis Events: How to Promote Tournaments and Socials

tournament events

As a marketing consultants and tennis professionals, we often get asked “How do I get more people to come to my tennis events.” Whether you plan on organizing tennis tournament, social, play day or festival, planning and promoting are two crucial steps to getting more attendees to your event. Here are few tips on how to maximize your exposure and build a good crowd for your tennis event. 1. Start promoting to your current clients…

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Tips for Seasonal Beginner Offers – Tennis Marketing

tennis class

In most tennis clubs the student base shifts with seasons. People come and go – whether it is due to work schedule changes, school conflicts or going out of town for vacation. Few weeks prior to the start of a new season is a great time to introduce some new class offers and get those student excited to come back on the tennis court. New season is also a great time to welcome some new faces into…

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Should Tennis Clubs Outsource Their Marketing?

swamped work

If you are a tennis club manager, one of your goals is to have your marketing team bring plenty of qualified leads to your sales team. Many companies choose to keep marketing internal and assign those highly specialized marketing tasks to employees. This approach can provide some advantages: You are able to closely monitor all the work. Your employees would likely have more knowledge about your club’s day-to-day business. Sometimes, however, you might notice that internalizing all of your marketing…

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What Exactly is a Marketing Email?

marketing email

You have probably heard of email marketing repeatedly all over internet, social networks, TV and print media. Email is an extremely valuable tool in your marketing strategy. It is an easy way of communicating with current and potential customers and targeting specific demographics. It is also cost-effective and environmentally friendly. However, many companies exploit this marketing channel and they turn into what we call spammers – people that send promotional (marketing) emails to any email address they get their…

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Designing Your Customer Experience: What Happens After Class Registration?

tennis club

Congratulations! You got a bunch of people signed up for your tennis program. Now what do you do next? You can either 1). Have them go through the regular tennis club experience, or 2). Blow their mind off with how you pay attention to the smallest details and make playing tennis at your club the most fun new experience for them! Which of these two options do you think would earn you repeat lessons and committed tennis players? In today’s technologically advanced…

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