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Should Tennis Clubs Outsource Their Marketing?

tennis marketingIf you are a tennis club manager, one of your goals is to have your marketing team bring plenty of qualified leads to your sales team. Many companies choose to keep marketing internal and assign those highly specialized marketing tasks to employees.

This approach can provide some advantages:

  1. You are able to closely monitor all the work.
  2. Your employees would likely have more knowledge about your club's day-to-day business.

Sometimes, however, you might notice that internalizing all of your marketing activities might not be working out as well as you had planned.

Companies who outsource marketing rely on specialized marketing agencies. Those agencies normally have staff with higher expertise and have a much wider range of capabilities. In many cases, they can do the same type of work much more efficiently. Outsourcing marketing, therefore, could lower the overall cost.

So how do you know whether to outsource your marketing or hire your own employee to do the same task?

The following indicators will tell you that you should probably outsource at least some of your marketing tasks:

slow-growth1. Your programs are not growing fast enough.

If you find that after a while you are spending a lot and gaining very little new business, it is time to outsource your marketing.

2. Many projects are running late.

Of course, there will always be times where your marketing team will feel overwhelmed. However, if you are always falling behind on marketing campaigns and tasks, overworkedyou won't really have the time to stay ahead of the game. Marketing, especially digital marketing, is constantly changing. If your team doesn't have time to complete the daily tasks AND educate themselves on the newest marketing trends, you probably need to hire some outside help.

3. Your marketing team is focused a lot on getting tasks done as opposed to strategy.

Coming up with new ideas is extremely important for your marketing. If your team is only focused on getting tasks done and does not have enough time to take a look at the big picture, it's time to give some of those low-level tasks to an outside firm.

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