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5 Fun Winter Holiday Blog Ideas for Tennis Clubs

holiday blog ideas for tennis clubs and tennis businessesAre you looking to do more promotion for your tennis club but do not have a budget for marketing?

In one of our recent articles, we discussed how to use blogging as an essential aspect of your tennis club's successful marketing strategy. In this blog post, we will give you four holiday blog ideas to boost your tennis club marketing.

1. Highlight holiday product or service

If your tennis club uses blogging as a marketing tool (which you should definitely consider if you have not evaluated that option yet), you should be publishing a blog about every one of your upcoming events, which includes holiday events. Many tennis clubs organize New Year Eve's parties or early morning mixers, short tennis camps for kids or adults who are not traveling during the holiday season.

So, you can put together a blog post as an announcement, with all the information people need to sign up. Pictures from previous years' successful events could help people decide whether or not to sign up (so pick images carefully or if you do not have good ones or the event is new, do not use any).

Another great holiday blog idea is running a contest - for example, best tennis snowman (if your club is in snowy weather) or the best holiday tennis card (for the kids). Do not forget to also choose and announce the prizes for the winners.

Does your club have a cafe or a restaurant that is offering any holiday special meals or recipes? That is one more topic you can write about and highlight on your tennis club's blog.

2. Share a "recipe for success" tutorial on the tennis court

Do you have any holiday tennis tips for your club members? Many tennis enthusiasts will be happy to receive a quick tutorial on a subject they are interested in. You can survey your tennis members to come up with topics. Here are a few ideas:

  • 3 Tennis Shots You Can Learn During the Holidays
  • 2 Doubles Tactics You Can Learn Quickly During the Winter Holidays
  • How to Stay Tennis Fit During the Holidays
  • 10 Reasons to Start Playing Tennis During the Holidays

The list of similar holiday blog ideas is endless! You can also film a 1-2 minute video for each topic and embed that in your blog post (and grab the attention of the audience that prefers to watch than reading).

3. Announce holiday promotions

Do you plan on holiday sales in your pro shop? Or do you plan on offering any tennis lesson discounts or lesson packages? If there are offers you would like to share that will guarantee your customer some great savings by registering right away, go ahead and blog about that. Create a sense of urgency by giving a deadline or a promotional window.

4. Holiday video message

Whether it is a festive holiday invite or you simply would like to wish all your customers happy holidays dressed as a reindeer, get creative, and have fun with video. Then write a blog post about it and embed the video in your blog post.

If you have a large-enough audience, other local businesses might be interested in sponsoring your video. Sponsorship is a great source of additional revenue for your tennis club. The way that works is a company commits a certain amount of money or other resources in exchange for some type of promotional benefit - e.g. by being featured in a video that is going out to club members or display their logo/banner in the background or the intro of your video.

Sponsorship success requires both parties to work well together. To find a sponsor you should watch out for contacts and supporters of your tennis business. There may also be companies that are already giving money to your organization. Then figure out the best way to touch base with them and have your pitch (offer) ready.

Any other holiday blog ideas? Add your comment below and let us know.

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