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Custom Tennis Balls for Improved Brand Recognition

resourcely branded tennis ballAs a tennis professional (and marketer) it is important to find effective ways to promote your tennis club or program brand. Many choose to do branded giveaways at different tennis events (e.g. tournaments, open house, socials). Examples of those branded giveaways may include bags, pens, shirts, stickers, decals, and bracelets with your club's logo on them. Some of these giveaway items are more useful than others and their life span can vary (how long you can use/wear the item).

Increase your tennis club's brand recognition 

We found that tennis balls are a major crowd-pleaser (for both tennis players and tennis club marketers) when it comes to branded giveaways. Why? Because of several reasons:

1. Tennis balls are used many times. The average amateur tennis player is likely to play with the same balls at least 3-4 times. So, tennis balls are always a useful gift for ANY tennis player - beginner, intermediate, advanced.

2. They are great for advertising message frequency. It is a known fact that in marketing (and advertising) messages are more effective when repeated and seen multiple times by the same person. Imagine how many times a tennis player will look at your brand if those tennis balls are custom-printed with your logo on them?! Essentially, every time a person goes to serve (which would be close to a hundred times per a singles match) or picks up the balls during play they will be looking at your logo.

3. Tennis balls are affordable. Items such as t-shirts can be costly, however, tennis balls are normally for for a few bucks per can.

The perfect holiday gift for tennis enthusiasts 

With the holidays approaching, many clubs organize tennis tournaments, holiday socials, and member appreciation events. You can use giveaways as incentives for tennis players to participate in your holiday events. Sometimes those club members who attend your tennis event might also bring a guest - a tennis friend or a player from a local competitor club. By giving away branded tennis balls as a gift you encourage your members and their guests to market your brand outside your tennis club (chances are they will bring that can of balls with them to other tennis clubs or public courts in the park).

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