Your Tennis Program & 5 Surprising Reasons Why Clients Are Not Attending It

tennis program low attendance

You manage a tennis club with, let’s say a hundred members, you have various programs scheduled during the season, but only a handful of people seem to be joining those. Or maybe you have noticed that your program attendance is continuously dropping but you have no idea why.  Why do you think that is?  In this blog post we will discuss a few reasons and a few ways to improve your bottom line.  Reason #…

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3 Tennis Club Marketing Strategies That Proved Successful in 2022

tennis club marketing strategy

As we approach a turning point of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is time to evaluate all marketing strategies. In the past couple of years many tennis clubs experienced a significant increase in membership, while others disappeared completely. Upon a thorough examination, the clubs that managed to succeed did an excellent job at the three items listed below. Keep reading to find out if you are doing these yourself. 1. Enhanced member experiences Understand your tennis…

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Are You Targeting the Right Tennis Clients?

are you targeting the right tennis clients

To be a successful tennis business, you must have a carefully prepared marketing and business plan. As part of your business plan, you must decide whom you are in fact marketing to (your tennis client target audience) before actually setting up any marketing campaigns. Having a clear understanding of your target audience is crucial to be successful with your marketing and to stay ahead of competitors (other tennis clubs or tennis businesses similar to yours).…

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Custom Tennis Balls for Improved Brand Recognition

branded tennis ball

As a tennis professional (and marketer) it is important to find effective ways to promote your tennis club or program brand. Many choose to do branded giveaways at different tennis events (e.g. tournaments, open house, socials). Examples of those branded giveaways may include bags, pens, shirts, stickers, decals, and bracelets with your club’s logo on them. Some of these giveaway items are more useful than others and their life span can vary (how long you…

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