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3 Tennis Club Marketing Strategies That Proved Successful in 2022

tennis club marketing strategyAs we approach a turning point of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is time to evaluate all marketing strategies. In the past couple of years many tennis clubs experienced a significant increase in membership, while others disappeared completely.

Upon a thorough examination, the clubs that managed to succeed did an excellent job at the three items listed below. Keep reading to find out if you are doing these yourself.

1. Enhanced member experiences

  • Understand your tennis club members - every marketing strategy and effort starts with a profile of your members, which will help you understand their needs, desires, and pain points.
  • Improve your welcome communication - make a good impression from the start by sending new members a strong welcome email, which guides them towards the various communication channels you use (website, social media, etc.) and providing ways to connect with other members.
  • Personalize your communication - instead of sending generic information to everyone from your email list, segment your contacts and provide content they care about.
  • Conduct regular surveys - regular member satisfaction surveys helps you get feedback, define your future goals, identify room for improvement, and can make your members feel valued.
  • Keep you tennis events calendar active - try to offer events that cater to the interests of your members, while supporting your goals, and be mindful of the format (in-person, hybrid, virtual).
  • Provide opportunities for members to meet and connect - offering networking opportunities, events, and a membership directory provides value to your members.
  • Host events - the events must be the type that speaks to your audience, which could be in-person, hybrid, or virtual. Positive and fun experiences helps client retention and membership growth.
  • Create partnerships - give your events and programs a boost by offering advertising opportunities to partners and other businesses, or engage your tennis members in fun activities by offering incentives for participation.
  • Improve your website and communications - turn your tennis club website into a hub for all communication: tennis events, social media channels, forums, tennis learning, and professional development.
  • Make membership renewal extra easy - use renewal reminders and automatic payments.

2. Build trust among members and target audiences

  • Be available to help - if you wish your tennis members to stay with your business, be accessible and easy to get in touch with by answering calls and emails promptly during business hours.
  • Provide resources - helpful blogs, articles, and relevant stores are great tools, which your target audience and members should be able to access easily anytime. Do not just post them on your website, but also include them in newsletters, signage, and your social media (and keep them updated).
  • Stay connected - once someone becomes a paying customer, be sure to keep in touch via email, phone, or whichever communication works best for your particular tennis business. Try to be as personal as possible to establish trust.
  • Stay current - stay current with industry trends in order to demonstrate your proficiency and commitment to your business.

3. Build a sense of community

  • Meetups - organized events and meetups is a great opportunity to meet tennis club members. Whether it's in-person (tennis tournaments, socials) or online (coffee meets or happy hour), those events allow people to talk, develop relationships, friends, and acquaintances.
  • Online groups - Facebook or LinkedIn groups can keep people connected even when they do not have a chance to attend in-person events. Be sure to post fun photos and videos.
  • Charity or volunteer events - such events are a great opportunity for club members to make a difference and contribute to the local community, while meeting the rest of your existing and new club members.

So when should I re-evaluate my marketing strategies?

There is still a lot of uncertainty over what lies ahead, especially with this year's inflation and potential recession. Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. If your marketing strategies have not been updated in over 2 years, the time to re-evaluate them is now. We recommend revisiting your strategy every 12-18 months to ensure it is up-to-date and aligned with your core values and overall business strategy.

If you would like us to help with your marketing plan, just send us a message, tell us a little about your business, and what you would like to achieve, or how you would like to work together.

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