Your Tennis Program & 5 Surprising Reasons Why Clients Are Not Attending It

tennis program low attendance

You manage a tennis club with, let’s say a hundred members, you have various programs scheduled during the season, but only a handful of people seem to be joining those. Or maybe you have noticed that your program attendance is continuously dropping but you have no idea why.  Why do you think that is?  In this blog post we will discuss a few reasons and a few ways to improve your bottom line.  Reason #…

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3 Tennis Club Marketing Strategies That Proved Successful in 2022

tennis club marketing strategy

As we approach a turning point of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is time to evaluate all marketing strategies. In the past couple of years many tennis clubs experienced a significant increase in membership, while others disappeared completely. Upon a thorough examination, the clubs that managed to succeed did an excellent job at the three items listed below. Keep reading to find out if you are doing these yourself. 1. Enhanced member experiences Understand your tennis…

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Spring Season! It is Time to Conquer These Tennis Website Updates

tennis summer camp to do list

Here in New York, it is about time to start preparing the tennis courts to open up for the outdoor season. While the jackets are coming off, new coats of paint go down on the hard courts, businesses should not forget that their tennis website updates are needed too. Since the summer season is quickly approaching, it is time to prepare all your tennis camp marketing efforts. In this blog post we will provide a to-do…

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3 Ways to Promote Your Tennis Programs to Existing Club Members

promote a tennis program

In today’s blog post we will talk about a few ways to promote a tennis program to one specific marketing group – your existing clients. Customer acquisition is more expensive than retaining existing tennis customers. According to data from Forrest Research, it is actually 5 times more expensive than keeping the current customers as clients!  Engaging with existing tennis customers is not only cheaper, but it is also easier to promote to them – they…

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What Does the 80/20 Rule Mean for Your Tennis Business Marketing

80/20 rule

In content marketing or social media marketing, we often hear about the 80/20 rule (not to be confused with Pareto’s Principle rule of customer relationship management). The logic behind this 80/20 content rule says that only 20% of your content should be promotional and talk directly about your tennis business products and services. The other 80% should be non-promotional content that is relevant to your product and services, the type that your audience will enjoy. …

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Reduce Marketing Workload for Your Tennis Business With Fiverr

reduce marketing workload for your tennis club.

If you are looking to reduce marketing workload for your tennis business or tennis club, we have a few ideas for you. Fiverr has been a great resource over the years and we have been using it both as a seller and as a buyer.  Many people still sell their Fiverr gigs starting at only $5. You might wonder how it is possible to offer services for this cheap.  Since many gigs are repetitive tasks,…

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Are You Targeting the Right Tennis Clients?

are you targeting the right tennis clients

To be a successful tennis business, you must have a carefully prepared marketing and business plan. As part of your business plan, you must decide whom you are in fact marketing to (your tennis client target audience) before actually setting up any marketing campaigns. Having a clear understanding of your target audience is crucial to be successful with your marketing and to stay ahead of competitors (other tennis clubs or tennis businesses similar to yours).…

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Don’t Care About Instagram? You Should!

instagram 1571592465

Is your tennis club or tennis business on Instagram? If the answer is “No”, you may want to re-evaluate this again! If you operate a business where visuals play a huge role (such as in the case of tennis products and services), you might be missing out on a large audience if you are not on Instagram. According to Instagram’s internal data from June 2018, more than 1 billion Instagram accounts worldwide are active every…

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What is Content Marketing (and Why You Should be Doing it)?

content marketing 4111003 640

We have already arrived at the conclusion that traditional marketing (such as cold calls, print ads and direct mail) has become less and less effective over the years. That is because customers do not shop the same way as 10 years ago, and therefore, marketing has evolved towards more inbound approach. So what is content marketing and should it be on your radar? “Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant…

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Seven Skills You Need To Start an Online Tennis Academy

home tennis channel business

As an experienced tennis instructor you have spend years teaching on the court and developing programs for your club. You have now decided that it is time to move on to another tennis challenge – creating an online teaching channel or an online tennis academy. There is a bunch of instructors doing this already, however, the number is growing as is the amount of students heading online for tennis instruction or motivation. In today’s blog…

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