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Reduce Marketing Workload for Your Tennis Business With Fiverr

reduce marketing workload for your tennis club.If you are looking to reduce marketing workload for your tennis business or tennis club, we have a few ideas for you. Fiverr has been a great resource over the years and we have been using it both as a seller and as a buyer. 

Many people still sell their Fiverr gigs starting at only $5. You might wonder how it is possible to offer services for this cheap. 

Since many gigs are repetitive tasks, many freelancers can streamline their work and complete them quickly by using templates. Also, those that are selling their gigs on Fiverr frequently work from areas of the world with low costs of living. While many people may have ethical issues with outsourcing work to other parts of the world, the way we see it is you are giving work to people from everywhere around the globe and helping them put food on the table. So, that’s something that is worth supporting. 

What can you do on Fiverr?

Below we list some affiliate links and we may get commission if you purchase from Fiverr. This is at no cost to you, of course.  

1. Take courses on Learn From Fiverr

2. Hire freelancers

3. Use Fiverr Workspace (business management tools)

What can you outsource on Fiverr? 

The Fiverr platform offers a wide range of services, called “gigs”. Some of the major categories include graphic design, digital marketing, social media, video and photo editing, writing/editing, data entry, website design, data entry. 

Over the years our company, Resourcely®, has worked with some excellent Fiverr freelancers and has developed great relationships with many of them. Some of the most common gigs we have outsourced are social media post scheduling, photo editing, and data entry. Those are repetitive tasks, with a low chance of making significant errors, so it is a no-brainer to outsource those.  

Again, it is all about finding reliable people. 

What gigs to avoid on Fiverr 

Delegating taste frees up your time and energy, so you can direct those to work that you love doing and that only you can do. In general, you want to use Fiverr to help you complete tasks, not to create your strategy. Consider using Fiverr to complete tasks that are time-consuming (data entry), low value (scheduling social media posts), and those you need occasional help with (e.g. logo design).  

1. SEO work

We prefer not to use Fiverr for SEO work. Many sellers do not use legit tactics and can cost you money and time fixing long-term issues. 

2. Buying social media followers

This practice is not limited to Fiverr. You will see many freelancers offering such services. You should never buy social media followers, period. First of all, it takes only a few minutes to look through your followers' list to realize those are fake bot accounts. Second, many social media platforms will shut down your account if they catch that you are buying followers. Just do not do it, ok? 

3. Something you need ASAP

Quick turnaround on Fiverr does not usually happen, and when it does happen, the gigs are frequently low quality and not worth using. Unless you are dealing with a seller that you have worked with in the past who is also super-responsive, I would just not rely on speedy delivery. 

4. Written content in English that is not created by native speakers

If your goal is to reduce marketing workload, this will not do the trick. You will likely spend more time editing and making it grammatically correct. It is just not worth the time and effort. 

5. Content that requires specialized knowledge

Outsourcing tennis content to a Fiverr seller with no background in tennis is a bad idea. Again, you will spend more time fixing things than if you write it yourself. Now, if you wrote a blog article, but you feel like your writing/grammar skills are not the best, you can use Fiverr seller (native speaker) to edit/proofread your blog. 

Note: Resourcely Marketing has decades of experience in the tennis industry and we always write all tennis-related content in-house.

6. Fiverr content from sellers with bad reviews and ratings (or no ratings)

When a seller delivers an order/gig, buyers are usually prompted to leave a star rating and written review. A lot of positive ratings and reviews are a good indication. Sellers can be Level I, Level II, or Pro. Sellers gain those levels based on their success on Fiverr as well as outside of Fiverr. 

That said, many sellers can provide high-quality work, even if they do not have any rating. No ratings, just mean they have not proven themselves on this particular platform yet (Fiverr). They could, however, have a lot of experience and a great portfolio on their website outside of Fiverr, so do not automatically reject Fiverr sellers with no ratings. Just do thorough research on them before buying their gig.   

When we buy gigs on Fiverr, we usually test out multiple sellers for the same gig as an “audition” - to evaluate their work. It is a bit of an upfront investment but it is worth it when we want to find someone to work with in the long run and reduce marketing workload and repetitive tasks at our company. Working with one seller many times also makes the process easier and faster as you get to know each other’s work and expectations.  

How to start delegating tasks on Fiverr 

To begin, you want to contact a seller by sending them a message before placing an order on Fiverr. Never purchase a gig before speaking to the seller first. This way you can avoid issues with the scope of the order. 

Send the seller your requirements. Do not skip details, encourage questions from the seller, and always answer those questions fully. It is best to provide examples of what the result should look like - for example, reference a competitors’ pieces of content. Be sure you set expectations for quality. 

What other tools do you use to reduce marketing workload at your business? Share them below!

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