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How to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

Social Media MarketingSocial media should be part of any business' marketing plan. Social media allows you to build a good follower base, respond to customer inquiries, and share information about your brand with your audience. With over 1.7 billion users, Facebook Business Page is a great place to find new leads that could turn into customers and build lasting relationships with them. Creating a profile only takes few minutes. Below are few simple instructions on how to get started and optimize your profile for search engines. At the end we also provide a downloadable PDF checklist.

Facebook Business Pages are always associated with a personal Facebook account. So, in order to begin, create a personal Facebook account first. Instructions on how to do that are provided HERE.

Once you have logged in to your Facebook account, you will be able to create a new Facebook Business Page. Instructions on creating a business page are provided HERE.

1. Choose a great business page name and make sure it is search engine friendly.

Make sure that the name accurately represents what your company is about and the types of products and/or services you provide. This way when visitors search for your products or service on Google you pop up at the top of the results.

2. Upload a good profile image.

Originally, Facebook was all about text and links. However, with time, visuals (images and videos) have become more and more important. You can upload a photo already cropped and resized, or you can upload a larger image, in which case you’ll be able to move the image to choose the crop you would like displayed. Detailed instructions on how to do that are available HERE.

facebook page exmple3. Upload a good Cover Photo.

You can only designate one photo as your Cover Photo, however, panoramas are ideal. Simply click on the “Add Cover Photo” button at the top of the page where the Cover Photo will go. Detailed instructions on how to do that are available  HERE. Once you have added an image you can change it easily by clicking on the "“Change Cover” button at the bottom right of your Cover Photo.

4. Modify the Call-to-action button.

facebook call-to-action (CTA) exmple

The call-to-action button links to any destination on or off Facebook that aligns with a business’s goals. The call-to-action buttons are added to the top of your Page and could be something like "Shop Now" or "Sign Up." The seven calls to action available at the moment:

  • Book Now
  • Contact Us
  • Use App
  • Play Game
  • Shop Now
  • Sign Up
  • Watch Video

Detailed instructions on how to navigate and modify your call-to-action are available HERE.

facebook tabs5. Choose the right menu tabs to display.

Tabs are located to the left of your timeline, right underneath your Cover Photo. They are a great way to give your online followers a more interactive experience and, at the same time, you can use them to enhance your marketing campaigns by adding relevant information. Detailed instructions on how to modify your Facebook Page tabs are available HERE.

6. Utilize the About Us section.

The field gives you an opportunity to tell people about your brand and business. There is no need to write an elaborate description. Write something short and to the point as there are other description fields where you can provide detailed information. Additional instructions on how to modify your Facebook basic page profile HERE.

7. Include your contact information into the About Us page.

Make sure you enter a phone number and location - your street address, state, and zip code into your About Us page. This way it is easier for search engines to index your Facebook for local page results.

Download our Facebook Business Page Optimization Checklist.

download facebook optimization checklist

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