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2 Great Things That Boost Your Tennis Club Sales

grow tennis club salesIf you are one of the many businesses that took a hit last year due to the pandemic, you certainly want to bring in more money and increase your tennis club sales (especially if it is easy money!). The following ideas can be a relatively easy way to boost your tennis club sales and supplement your regular tennis program revenues (assuming you already have tennis programs and tennis events in place).

Selling tennis attire, sporting goods, and accessories online and offline

How many times have you had a friend or a student arriving at the club to only realize they have forgotten to bring tennis balls or a shirt? Back in the days, when I used to teach tennis, this used to happen ALL. THE. TIME. Having tennis clothes, shoes, racket rentals, and accessories available at your tennis club can help people in those situations when they do not want to leave the club and go back home to get the forgotten item. And, by the way, having a tennis attire shop at your tennis club not only helps those people but also helps your bottom line.

Physical stores are not the only way to do this. Online stores are pretty easy to set up these days, especially now that user-friendly platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce are readily available. You could have a basic online shop set up and ready to go in just a couple of hours. Maintenance and startup costs for online stores are minimal, so this can be a great way to boost your sales.

Additionally, you could work with a print shop to create custom clothes and accessories, such as branded tennis balls, shirts, and hats.

How do you promote an online tennis store?

There are so many ways you can promote and encourage your tennis clients to purchase from your online store:

  • Email blasts and newsletters
  • Social media posts with links can direct people to your web store where they can purchase your products.
  • Coupon codes that offer discounts on certain items
  • Optimizing your site for SEO
  • Creating interesting digital content
  • Partner with complementary brands
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Digital ads

These kinds of sales may not make you a millionaire, but when you multiply those profits over a year or two, it can become a steady profit, or at least, help cover some lost revenue due to unforeseen business disasters (e.g. a global pandemic).

Selling tickets for events to boost your tennis club sales and revenues

Selling tickets is another easy way to boost your tennis club sales. But what tickets are we talking about?

If you organize tennis events, such as tournaments, socials, or charity or fundraiser events, then selling tickets for those is certainly an option. Here are a few ways to do that:

1). Tickets can be printed and sold at your tennis club or online.

2). Consider asking your colleagues to help with ticket sales as well.

3). If you have an email list, consider sending an email blast with a call out to those who are interested in pre-sale ticket opportunities. Encouraging early registration will give you a projection of the event attendance and popularity.

4). You can drive early ticket sales by offering an early-bird limited-time steep discount. This discount should no longer be available once the event is posted on your website and ticket sales are opened throughout your club.

5). 1-hour only flash sale where a limited number of tickets will be available at a heavily discounted price.

You can also consider selling tickets for other local community events or large tennis tournaments that may be happening in the area. This could be a great way to start building relationships with other local businesses.

What other ideas do you have for boosting tennis club sales? Tell us and leave a comment below!

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