Local Business Listings & Why Your Tennis Club Should be There


Remember when you had to go through hundreds of pages in the phone book in order to find a local business? Those days are over since people don’t really use the Yellow Pages anymore. We go online to find businesses, classes, schools and service providers. According to Marketing Land, 90% of surveyed customer say that their buying decisions were influenced by online reviews. With the incredible amount of online advertising happening right now, people are starting to rely…

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Here is Why Your Dance Studio Needs a Blog!

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Those of you familiar with the dance studio business know that the job is quite challenging and time consuming. Your top teacher quits! Rent goes up to the sky! Unable to fill a class. A competitor studio opens next door! What most people don’t realize is that if you are a dance studio manager or owner you are also a marketer. And you will never get done with marketing your dance studio. In order to stay…

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Blogging as a Website Traffic Booster

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Lack of traffic coming to your website is one of the most common challenges we hear about from the business owners that approach us. Most of them are usually looking for a website traffic booster – a way to increase their visits, and convert visitors into leads, which can then be nurtured, and eventually, converted into customers. This blog article will try to give tennis business owners and marketers a quick overview of how to…

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