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6 Digital Marketing Tools Every Tennis Professional Needs

marketing tools for tennis professionalIf you are a tennis professional who is trying to run a program you need to find ways to automate your tasks in order to be more efficient off the court and make more sales. Below is a list of the best marketing tools for tennis professionals and coaches in our opinion.  

1. Google Drive

Google Drive is extremely convenient for storing documents, pictures, and sharing them with your colleagues. Certain storage amounts come free when you have a Gmail. However, there are also paid subscriptions, which provide more storage and advanced tools. 

Check out G Suite website for pricing: What we love about G Suite is that you can get a custom business email (e.g. “info@yourcompany”) using G Suite. Sending an email from a custom domain email address looks a lot more professional than sending emails from 

Creating spreadsheets, forms, and documents is straightforward, similar to Microsoft software, but it is free to use. 

2. Stock photos 

Images are a necessity in any marketing effort. Images improve the readability of content by breaking space up and adding interest to social media posts. 

Pixabay is one of the few places to get free stock images. With over 2.4 million+ images, videos and music, it is a great resource when you need a quick visual for your website or email marketing. Other places to look for images include FreeImages and Unsplash. 

3. Graphic Design

Canva is an excellent piece of software we use at Resourcely. It has tons of pre-built templates for brochures, flyers, social media posts, and more. With the Canva Pro subscription, you can also take advantage of some free images from their content library. Check it out at: (affiliate link).

We have also created a quick tutorial on how to create a tennis event flyer with Canva:

4. Email marketing software 

Email marketing software is a must-have for every marketer. Whether you are a big corporation or a small startup business, email automation saves you time and money. Hubspot is one of the top picks for us, mainly because of the all-in-one solution the company offers. The software combines marketing tools with CRM, sales, and service software, which talk to each other and help with reporting and analytics. Check it out at: (affiliate link).

Hubspot is incredibly intuitive and they have a lot of resources to learn from. It is a bit pricey but well worth it. 

Another alternative we frequently use is MailChimp, which offers a free subscription if you have less than 2,000 contacts: What we love about MailChimp is that it has many user-friendly templates that only take a few minutes to customize. Constant Contact is another well-established email marketing software that is quite affordable:

5. CRM

Companies of all sizes will benefit from a customer relationship management (CRM) system. You might ask “why do I need a CRM”? CRM systems help you store, build, and manage customers' data. By doing so, you are helping your marketing and sales teams find new customers faster and close more deals. Additionally, it helps with customer service by storing and managing data for existing customers, which could lead to repeated sales. 

When you organize and build your leads and customers into your CRM system, many activities can be automated, which saves time, speeds up sales, and delivers better and faster customer service. 

There are many CRM software tools out there. Honestly, if you only have a handful of customers, you can probably handle this by using a spreadsheet. 

When you start to grow, however, it is best to use software that is designed for this purpose. Hubspot offers a free CRM:

MailChimp also has a CRM built into their plans:

6. Fiverr and Upwork

Fiver is an excellent place to find freelancers who can help you reduce the marketing workload for your tennis business or tennis club. We have written an article on the topic, so check it out:

Check out Fiverr’s courses and search for freelancers below (affiliate links): 

We also find Upwork is great for finding freelancers and forming long-term working relationships that you can use on an ongoing basis as well as one-off jobs. Check out Upwork at:

Any other tools you would like to add to this list? Have you used any of the above for your tennis business? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.