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Newsletter Marketing is the email equivalent to word-of-mouth marketing. It is a distinct, "softer" type of email marketing meant to deliver news and content that may or may not be related to the product or service the company is selling. Newsletters are delivered on regular basis and the frequency ranges from daily to weekly or monthly. The intention of the newsletters is to build trust and brand awareness and allows companies to talk about their business in a way that doesn't confront consumers with sales pitches. Unlike social media, newsletters have a longer "shelf life" because users are able to receive, archive or read them at their own convenience. If it's not deleted, newsletters can also be retrieved at a later time. 

Why Newsletter Marketing works?

It helps build trust and brand awareness

Because consumers only sign up for newsletters from brands they are truly interested in, they technically opt-into receiving direct marketing from that particular company. The ability to opt-out (stop receiving) newsletters allows the consumer ultimate control. If you provide interesting, high-quality content, your customers will keep opening and reading your newsletters. Opting out on the other hand would signify an unsuccessful Newsletter Marketing, in which case content adjustments would need to be made.

As your customers get to know your brand better, you become more present in customers' mind and have a better chance of making a sale.

It is a very affordable form of marketing

Majority of companies have shifted from print to electronic newsletters as it is the cheaper and faster form of marketing, which also produces data that can be more easily studied and help to create more relevant content. The low cost and ease of creating an email newsletter allows businesses of all sizes to maintain this form of marketing constantly. Large businesses send newsletters most frequently as they have multiple sales offers and they often have their own specially trained departments featuring copywriters and designers trained to creating email newsletters.

Let's you publish a large variety of content

The type of content that is used for newsletters can range from industry news and events, to interesting statistics, "how to" articles, promotions and product information and many more. There is no limit on the length when using email newsletters and the multimedia aspect of email allows businesses to include links to relevant videos and website pages where consumers can buy a product or sign up for services immediately.

How is newsletter marketing developed and implemented?

  1. We define the readers of the newsletter;
  2. Define the purpose of the newsletter;
  3. Design content;
  4. Distribute the finished product. 

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