Why do tennis clubs need digital marketing?

tennis - resourcely, digital marketing for tennis clubsResourcely's team does not consist of only marketers. We also work or have worked as tennis coaches, pro competitors or recreational tennis players. And all of us are also huge tennis fans, so we constantly spend time searching for news, events, tournaments or new locations to play.

Just like yourself, the place we look for information is, of course, the Internet. Over the years, online search has reduced the need for traditional means of searching, such as yellow pages, catalogs, magazines.

Today, we search online for more information.

Some of those sources of information include websites, social media, yelp, blogs.

If you are a business and you do not have a good online presence, it is likely that you are loosing tons of business.

Some examples of poor online presence include:

  • No website
  • No social media profile
  • Have social media profile but looks empty or have no recent posts
  • Have a website but no recent content

This is what people think when they look or see a business which has poor or no online presence:

  • The tennis club does not exist
  • The business or event is old or is out of business
  • Business is not professional
  • Tennis event does not do marketing, therefore, participation will be low or weak

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