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We work with many companies who need bigger online presence and more quality leads.

Our Clients


My new music program really needed a jump start. Our online presence was minimal. I spoke with Iva who took the time to learn my business inside and out and even visited our class location. Timely communication and regular project updates made working with Resourcely Marketing really easy.

Within a month we began to receive leads from our new new website and Facebook. Resourcely improved our Facebook page by consistently posting fresh content. We managed to grow our followers list and started to constantly receive positive feedback from parents that they found us on social media. In addition to redesigning our website, Iva also helped us design and send email campaigns and introduced us to a great new email platform, MailChimp. I would not hesitate to recommend Resourcely Marketing to anyone looking to move their business to the next level.

Katty Mayorga, Suzuki Early Childhood Progaram Owner, Suzuki Connections NYC

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